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The two basic types of municipal bonds are:

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Build America Bonds are a taxable municipal bond created under the one more storyJumper silver grey olHqiPb
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and federal subsidies for either the bond holder or the bond issuer. Many issuers have taken advantage of the Build America Bond provision to secure financing at a lower cost than issuing traditional tax-exempt bonds. The Build America Bond provision, which expired on January 1, 2011, was open to governmental agencies issuing bonds to fund capital expenditures. Paul amp; Joe SisterTIBONHOM Denim shorts blau 6roFoYbn27
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Municipal bonds are securities that are issued for the purpose of financing the infrastructure needs of the issuing municipality. The financed infrastructure needs vary greatly but can include schools, streets and highways, bridges, hospitals, public housing, sewer, water systems, power utilities, and various public projects. Traditionally, municipal bonds are issued and sold to bond holders through a complex network of financial and legal professionals.

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The public agencies raising money through bonds—such as states, cities, and counties—are known as municipal issuers . The ability to raise such funds is an exercise of the municipal issuer's buying power. In all bond issuances, the issuer serves as the focal point and the head of the financing team, and oversees the transformation of an idea for a project into an issuance. However, in some cases, the bond measure for a public project must first be approved by voters. FolkUTILITY Shorts black HgdubJ1BM

The methods and procedures by which municipal debt is issued are governed by an extensive system of laws and regulations, which vary by state. Most bonds bear interest at either a fixed or variable rate of interest, which can be subject to a cap known as the maximum legal limit; some bonds may be issued solely at an original issue discount, or 0% coupon. If a bond measure is proposed in a local election, a Tax Rate Statement may be provided to voters, detailing best estimates of the tax rate required to levy and fund the bond. In cases where no election is held, depending on applicable local law, voters may be entitled to petition the approval to referendum (i.e., a public vote) within a specified period of time; bonds are typically not issued prior to the expiration of any such referendum period.

The issuer of a municipal bond receives a cash purchase price at the time of issuance in exchange for a promise to repay the purchasing investors, or their transferees, (the bond holder ) over time. Repayment periods can be as short as a few months (although this is very rare) to 20, 30, or 40 years, or even longer. The issuer typically uses proceeds from a bond sale to pay for capital projects or for other purposes it cannot or does not desire to pay for immediately with funds on hand. Tax regulations governing municipal bonds generally require all money raised by a bond sale to be spent on capital projects within three to five years of issuance. TriumphESSENTIAL MINIMIZER Pants clear ocean hqAdfeq8jc
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2000 Saul Kleinfeld Dr , El Paso , TX 79936

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Las Ventanas Apartments
$665 - 1,145
1 Bedroom 1 Bed $665 – 885 2 Bedrooms 2 Beds $845 – 1,040 3 Bedrooms 3 Beds $1,025 – 1,145
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Las Ventanas Apartments
Las Ventanas Apartments |
42 Images
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View All View Less
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Assigned Covered Parking $30
Dog Rent $25
Application Fee $50
Cat Fee $350
Cat Deposit $350
Dog Fee $350
Dog Deposit $350

Welcome to Las Ventanas – the address that says more about you and your desire for unmistakable quality. Las Ventanas is located in East El Paso with convenient access to Loop 375, Spur 601, I-10, shopping, restaurants and so much more. We offer only the best amenities from our shimmering pool with soothing spa, internet café with coffee bar, state-of-the-art fitness center and lavish landscaping with BBQ areas and picnic tables. You can choose from one, two and three bedroom apartment homes with features that will compliment your lifestyle. Contact Las Ventanas and schedule your personal tour and let us exceed your expectations.

Unique Features

Dogs Allowed: We do not allow vicious animals. Only two pets allowed per apartment. Pet Rent is per pet.

Cats Allowed: We do not allow vicious animals. Two pets allowed per apartment. Pet Rent is per pet.

Surface Lot

Unlimited Parking

Covered: $30

1 space; Assigned Parking.

Property Information

Lease Length



Outdoor Space

Fitness Recreation



Living Space

Outdoor Space

Languages: English Spanish
Let us know if you have a language preference.

Today's Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM

Monday - Friday
9 AM to 6 PM
10 AM to 5 PM
12 PM to 5 PM

Office Hours

Apartment Reviews at Las Ventanas Apartments

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and the bellybuttonJeans Skinny Fit dark blue denim LP9qBujrJh
2 years ago

I moved to Texas all the way from Wisconsin. Moving across the country was extremely stressful, trying to look at apartments from across the country was super hard. We ended up choosing Las Ventanas and we couldn't be happier! It was our first apartment complex and it's going to be hard for any in the future to compare! The staff is so helping and welcoming and the apartment is so clean and the upkeep is amazing! Every time we have an issue they are always right on it to fix it and make us feel at home! I'm so happy with the choice we made and if we could stay there forever I totally would! I would recommend this apartment to anybody that is looking! You definitely won't regret it!

2 years ago

Though the location of Las Ventanas is a nice spot on the east side of El Paso, they are wayyy overpriced for what they give, and though they say they want to do everything they can for their residents, they don't. We pay about 900 Monthly. There are scorpions everywhere, the roof leaks all through monsoon season even though they have "fixed" it two or three times now. There is mold and grime where the tub meets the shower wall because it has cracked from being so old. There is an area by the pool that always smells like rotten eggs. They need a major update if they want to continue charging what they do. Also there is no gate here, so anyone can enter the area. We dealt with multiple vandalism issues that ended up costing thousands of dollars for us and they couldn't do anything to help us out. We even offered to move to another one of their properties cause we didn't feel safe.. And they still said no. This is not the place to live in El Paso. There are much nicer, cheaper and SAFER apartments in the same area. And I wish we would have looked around a little more before choosing this one.

2 years ago

I love love it here! The apartment is so roomy! beautiful laminate floors and light fixtures. The clubhouse, gym, and gorgeous pool are well maintained. So much greenery a paradise in a desert. Easy access to schools and stores. The staff is always so helpful and friendly. This IS home.

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¿Cuantos días debe durar la regla como mínimo y máximo, y cómo es el ciclo menstrual? Te respondemos a estas preguntas.

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Una menstruación de menos de 3 días o de más de 7 debe ser consultada con el médico

La regla no debe tomarse como una enfermedad, ni como algo malo o tabú. Gracias a la menstruación, la mujer tiene la elección para poder tener hijos. La primera menstruación se llama menarquía y aparece cuando el aparato reproductor de la preadolescente está formado por completo y es totalmente funcional. Esto puede variar de una mujer a otra , hasta la llegada de la última menstruación, que es la menopausia.

La menstruación o regla suele durar entre 3 y 7 días, dependiendo de la mujer. El ciclo menstrual es de 28 días y comienza con el primer día de sangrado, tras estos 3 a 7 días de regla, el útero comienza a formar un endometrio mas grueso para poder acoger el óvulo, cuando este se fecunde. El óvulo se suele desprender el día 14 o 15 del ciclo menstrual , y si este no se fecunda al cabo de unos días comenzara a desintegrarse la capa externa del útero (endometrio) y el día 28 del ciclo menstrual aparecerá la menstruación.

La duración de la menstruación suele ser, como ya hemos comentado, de 3 días a 7 días. Una duración mayor o menor es signo de alarma, y se debe consultar al medico. Muchas mujeres ven la regla como algo malo, tedioso, pasando este miedo a las niñas, con lo que esto conlleva. Estas, las niñas, considerarán su regla como algo sucio y tabú, por lo que debemos tener especial cuidado con nuestros comentarios sobre ella , y enseñarles que es un proceso mas de la vida de la mujer, el cual le permitirá ser madre en un futuro.

Mucha mujeres padecen dolores durante la menstruación, hoy en día existen multitud de analgésicos para aliviar el dolor menstrual. Durante la regla no debe tomarse ácido acetilsalicilico, ya que este fomenta el sangrado. También existe el síndrome premenstrual, en el que la mujer nota una irritabilidad, hinchazón, dolor en los pechos, que normalmente cesan o disminuyen cuando acontece el sangrado.

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